How to Fix autodl (chazilla edition, not irssi)

autodl is a great program that automates the downloading of torrent files from IRC channels. I use it all the time for downloading media and linux iso’s ;).

This morning I woke up and installed this month’s round of Windows updates on my server. Upon restarting the computer, autodl would fail to check for updates or download new torrents.

The following error message would appear every time:


I tried many solutions; downgrading firefox, downgrading autodl, even upgrading firefox didn’t do the trick. In the end I fixed the issue. It took literally 12 hours to come up with this!?

How to Fix autodl (Windows)

  1. Backup and uninstall your current Firefox installations.
  2. Install old xulrunner — Be sure to get this old version.
  3. Download old — NOT the latest version, it will not work properly.
  4. Place the chatzilla zip file in the xulrunner directory. Run the following commands in the xulrunner directory:

xulrunner --register-global
xulrunner --install-app

That’s all. Now you should have chatzilla installed in Program Files. Simply run the latest installer for autodl and it will work fine.
Lesson of the day: Don’t upgrade unless you have a reason to.

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5 comments on “ How to Fix autodl (chazilla edition, not irssi)
  1. VF says:

    Wow, it was not just me this problem was driving my crazy! All my automated downloading had stopped because of windows update.

    WIll try your solution, thanks!

  2. Samuel Sieb says:

    You just need to go back to the previous version of ChatZilla for now. We had to make a change to CBSConnection because Firefox changed the way proxies work. So, autodl will need to be changed as well. See for more details or ask in . I have contacted the developer.

  3. Jizah says:

    This had been stressing me out. Thanks for the fix.

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