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FF7 TAS: Nibelheim + Mt. Nibel

Nibelheim + Mt. Nibel in 1 min 39.175 s The Nibelheim segment is very short. There is not much to say. Obviously the powersoul pipe is avoided since it is not needed in this speed run. However, a new stuttering

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FF7 TAS: Cosmo Canyon + Cave of the Gi

FFVII red buggy entering the sand desert of cosmo canyon on the world map screen on psx

Cosmo Canyon in 14 min and 14 s I improved upon my original Cosmo Canyon segment. I managed to save almost 2 seconds. The biggest time saving came from fixing a mistake when choosing a party. I also optimised the

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FFVII Super Dunk Basketball Mini-Game Guide

The Super Dunk mini-game in final fantasy vii with flashing lights and holding the basketball in Cloud's hands in Gold Saucer.

I always wanted to make a very long video… And so I did! Introducing the FF7 Super Dunk endurance challenge! The Super Dunk mini-game, in Final Fantasy VII, is the basketball game located in Gold Saucer. I did not play

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Ice Climbers: Power of the Desync

Video: Power of the Desync I made this video to demonstrate an extremely desync’d Nana in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Most of what you see is impossible to perform normally. These are not ‘genuine’ Ice Climbers. The video is just

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