Young Link + Captain Falcon Team Combo on DK

It’s about time for a new Super Smash Bros. Melee Team Combo.
It looks like interrupting attacks can be useful.

Team Combo Attack Sequence:

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2 comments on “ Young Link + Captain Falcon Team Combo on DK
  1. Captain says:

    Dude, the second and eighth images are clearly Falcon’s N-air.
    In 64, it was his F-air, so that may be where the confusion lies.
    It may also stem from the fact nobody refers to Melee Falcon’s actual F-air as that anymore, choosing to label it the KNEE, as you have done.

    (If this looks familiar, it’s because the same N-air/F-air mixup is also present.)

    Also, the final two images need to be swapped, since the FALCON PUNCH is unfortunately not the finishing move. How D-air Young Link steal that KO!

    • antd says:

      Oh, yes. Too much 64 😛

      The last problem is a wordpress fault. It wouldn’t swap the image location no matter how many times I changed it. However, I just updated wordpress and luckily they improved their image gallery functionality; this fixed the issue.

      Thanks again.

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