SSBM TAS: C.Falcon + Jigglypuff vs CPUs

Here comes a Melee TAS team vs two level-9s; this is essentially a zero-death combo video. After making this, I found the combos are quite difficult to see properly as they are so fast. Due to this I decided to add the slow-motion version to the end; it’s useful for seeing some of the 5-frame canceled attacks.

It took quite a long time to TAS this, even though the battle lasts only 35 seconds. The zero-death combos are quite intricate and very frame dependent.

The very last combo is:
Double Rest > Double D-Air > Double Rest.

This video of course features the animation cancel hack which was first seen in the Melee Impossible combo video .

end screen: 26% damage inflicted per second

Meanwhile I’m going back and forth whether to release a long combo video again, like Melee Impossible, or release individual combos as I usually do. The problem with making a long combo video is it takes several months to produce enough footage. Hmm…

Maybe I’ll release the combos that didn’t make the cut for Melee Impossible someday too. Or I may release them on twitter or something as unlisted.

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