SSBM Statistics: Short Hop Heights

The original Super Smash Bros. Melee statistics thread by Mew2King has started to show its age. His data were sourced in 2003, so that’s no surprise.

I will provide updated statistics featuring more accurate measurements of heights and distances. My methodology will focus on the coordinates system in order to get highly accurate rankings of each character.

I am now in the process of updating these data. I am now able to convert coordinate values into meters , thanks to the Homerun Contest scale. So, now I will use that for all other data that relies on the X-axis.

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Short Hop Height

This table measures the height of each character's short hop. A short hop is a light press of the X or Y-button. The table is in descending order with the highest short hop on top.

The character with the highest short hop is Samus. The character with the lowest short hop is Jigglypuff.
Rank Character Unit (x)
1 samus 121.660
2 sheik 118.301
3 zelda 115.936
4 yoshi 115.927
5 peach 113.943
6 ganondorf 113.424
7 luigi 110.078
8 c.falcon 109.922
9 kirby 109.844
10 pichu 107.717
10 pikachu 107.717
12 marth 107.704
13 donkey kong 106.680
14 ness 105.798
15 mewtwo 104.226
16 falco 101.440
17 dr.mario 100
17 mr game & watch 100
17 mario 100
20 link 99.909
20 99.909
22 bowser 99.053
23 fox 99.027
24 roy 98.965
25 ice climbers 98.638
26 jigglypuff 95.126

Please report anything that seems like an error and I will try to investigate.

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4 comments on “ SSBM Statistics: Short Hop Heights
  1. Subrava says:

    If you’re planning on expanding the Melee stats section it’d be interesting to see the full hop heights and the difference between full and short. I know the difference for Samus is fairly small.

    • antd says:

      Yes, I’m currently completing the Melee stats it character by character. So I’ll post it all up once every character is complete. The full stats will include wavedash distance, full hop height, All B-special distances, etc.

      Good idea to specify the difference between full and short. I’ll most likely add that.

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