Peach Phantom Hit Combo on Jigglypuff (Glancing Blow / チップ)

This was a very difficult video to make. Definitely the most difficult one yet. The difficulty arose due to Peach’s 13 phantom-hit float-canceled N-Airs. I was also lucky to be able to manipulate the Bob-omb before Jigglypuff arose.

Peach’s float-canceled N-Airs are very fast because there is virtually no landing lag. Also, the N-Air hitbox is present within 3 frames.

Phantom Hits

A phantom hit occurs in Super Smash Bros. Melee when a hitbox (red) and a hurtbox (yellow) become tangent. In practice, this means an attack will barely touch the opponent. There is also no knock-back and only half damage is given. This explains why Jigglypuff does not wake up in the video above.

a phantom hit

At first I assumed that it would not be so difficult to pull off a phantom hit; I would only need to move 1 pixel away from the opponent. However, I quickly learnt otherwise. The phantom hit is even more elusive; it requires sub-pixel accuracy! This makes it difficult to perform intentionally. Due to this, sometimes a phantom hit seems impossible to perform as pixel accuracy is not enough. Sub-pixel = 256th’s of a pixel.

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2 comments on “ Peach Phantom Hit Combo on Jigglypuff (Glancing Blow / チップ)
  1. Mafia says:

    i’ve always been interested in the possibility of a phantom dsmash punish. Even just one rep would do more damage than a turnip usmash.

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