Melee Impossible – The Combo Video

Introducing Melee Impossible the combo video.

Melee Impossible Hacks

This video was created in order to show what the game would look like if it was possible to L-Cancel anything, aka the Ultimate Cancel for SSBM. I hacked/modified the game so that it is possible to L-Cancel any move whatsoever. This includes everything from running, B-specials, and grounded smash attacks.

I also made two visual hacks. The first is a combo meter. I modified player 1’s damage meter to show consecutive hits instead. Unfortunately I couldn’t apply the combo meter hack to every combo because it would cause random desyncs at times. This combo meter counts a grab as one hit and the throw as another.

The second visual hack is one that shows the hitbox of both characters upon attack contact. This makes for quite a nice effect. Technically there is a third modification which includes the ability for player 1 to turn on/off hitboxes at will.

I do not currently know how to convert my hacks into Action Replay codes. Otherwise I would have released them in this post. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult for someone else to create AR codes. They can ask me if they need any information.

Melee Impossible Combo Information

Since it is sometimes difficult to see what is happening, or why something is happening, I will explain in this section.

Ganondorf on Fox

Ganon uses Down-Smash to hit Fox toward him, and then this is canceled into Jab. The killing blow is a Wizard’s foot canceled into taunt.

Sheik on Captain Falcon

Sheik uses needles to jab across the stage while Falcon DI’s away.

Falco on Captain Falcon

This combo happens so quickly that I slow it down. Up-Air > Shine > Shine, which kills from 0% off the top of Battlefield.

Peach on Sheik

The Down-Smash hits Sheik toward Peach. Also, Peach’s turnip pull can be canceled on the first frame. This skips the entire pull animation. This is how a bob-omb is pulled so quickly. An interesting side-effect, if Peach cancels an Up+B and then does another Up+B she will gain super momentum and fly upwards.

Sheik on Peach

Similarly, Sheik/Zelda’s ‘transform’ Down+B can be canceled on the first frame.  I considered creating a hack that would allow Sheik to transform into Fox instead of Zelda. However, it is rare to see Zelda used in a combo, so I left her in. The transform is canceled so quickly that the main sound effect is not played.

Samus on Fox (Bombs)

I make Fox Smash-DI up in order to combo himself into the falling bombs.

Jigglypuff on Fox

Up-throw > Rest works at 0% even when Fox DI’s behind and onto a platform.

Falco on Mewtwo

Perhaps difficult to see. Falco Down-Air spikes Mewtwo into his own Shine.

Fox on Ganondorf

On the left side of the stage, Fox combos the first hit of Down-Air into the first hit of Up-Air multiple times.

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9 comments on “ Melee Impossible – The Combo Video
  1. Jesse says:

    Anyone know where I can get access to the ultimate cancel hack ?

  2. Dominick says:

    Hi, i just recently discovered your SSB videos as it is my personal favorite installment into the series, and i was wondering if you would be willing to explain how to achieve the ultimate cancel in SSB. If you would be willing to do so, it would be greatly appreciated. I have gotten to the point where i know just about everything in the original as well as mastered every character in the game and am looking for something new to experience while playing. The ultimate cancel would make for serious fun fights and will give me a chance to make some cool combos.

    • antd says:

      The SSB 64 Ultimate Cancel was released and made some years ago. Try searching for it.

      I no longer have the codes for 64. But it has been made public.

  3. Dominick says:

    Also amazing video and it was wholly entertaining. My favorite was ganon on fox because it looked like you coulda kept kick/jabbing him for as long as you pleased. Definitly make more if you have the time, or show us a video of how using the ultimate cancel works in a real fight against lvl 9 computers.

  4. kneegrow says:

    why isnt the 64 cancel code released
    in the midst of this melee cancel hack
    might as well atleast give the 64 one because it might be forgotten

    • antd says:

      I released the offset years ago. Someone definitely made a Gameshark code using it.

      It should be out there somewhere. I no longer have it.

  5. Kairos says:

    I’ve tried searching with Google, I can’t seem to find the hack or AR code for either the show hitboxes on hit or L-Cancel anything. Could you aid in the search? I’ve looked at the Smashboards and can’t find anything, and I figured that’d be the place over any to check.


  6. Erik says:

    Do you have any code information on this hack? I’d like to encrypt it for action replay.

  7. Slaps&Heels says:

    And why has the melee animation cancel hack not been released to the public :/? It practically inspired Project M turbo mode and yet still has not been allowed for anyone else to use…such a waste of a good modification…

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