SSBM Statistics: Grab Ranges

Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Grab Ranges.

It is important to remember that this table displays grab range as defined by me. I define it as the distance from which one character can grab another, and I measure from where the character is standing (essentially the mid-point/back legs).

This leads to seemingly mystifying results. For example, Bowser has a ‘terrible’ grab; however, in the table Bowser’s grab range is ranked as the 6th farthest. Bowser’s grab range is high because I measure from where the character is standing. Bowser happens to lean forward a significant amount, thus raising his perceived range.

At first glance, one may wonder why I did not change my measuring methodology. However, I feel change is not needed. He still doesn’t beat Marth 😉

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Grab Range

Character grab ranges given in X Coordinate Units. This is how far a character can reach. All characters stand at the same distance and attempt to grab an opponent.

The character with the longest grab is Samus. The character with the shortest grab is Pichu.
Rank Character Unit (x)
1 samus 5230563
2 link 4170743
3 2856845
4 yoshi 2293552
5 marth 1942916
6 bowser 1907590
7 roy 1824651
8 donkey kong 1638295
9 kirby 1530910
10 sheik 1433508
11 jigglypuff 1347498
12 luigi 1343914
13 mewtwo 1331115
14 falco 1238961
15 zelda 1161142
16 fox 1081275
17 peach 1059772
18 mr game&watch 1044391
19 ganondorf 995264
20 dr.mario 929221
20 mario 929221
22 c.falcon 893895
23 ness 870344
24 pikachu 829387
25 ice climbers 793655
26 pichu 742352
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  1. Brain-washed says:

    Interesting how short Captain Falcons’ grab range is when it’s measured like this. And yeah, look at Bowser, that’s really odd but I guess it makes sense. You gonna do stats on dash grabs or pivot grabs?

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