Melee Stages: A Different Perspective

Messing around with debug mode and camera hacks , I found that it made for some interesting finds. The stages are quite large and some hidden items can be explored that normally cannot be seen in the game. Apologies to whoever reads the text because I have not played any of the Nintendo games that make cameo appearances or references here!

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The very big test stage. The picture fills the entire camera. This means if you look behind the stage you would see a different part of the picture. Similarly, if you look up or down you would see different parts of the picture. It is isn’t very interesting though so I will not post it.

Fountain of Dreams

Fountain of Dreams is home to two large flowery star-like items that grow and move in the sky above the stage. The purple mist below the stage looks very cool and reminds me of documentaries which demonstrate the beginning of the universe :-p

The stage is more or less circular.

Behind the action.
Fountain of Dreams:

Pokemon Stadium

The actual stadium is big compared to the stage. The city of Kanto dwarfs this though.
Melee Pokemon Stadium
The transition which contains the windmill.

Bird’s Eye-view of the main stage area.

Bird’s Eye-view of the windmill transition main area.

Birds Eye-view of the entire stadium with parts of the surrounding city of Kanto.

The entire Pokemon stadium stage surrounded by the city of Kanto. The stage is octagonal in shape. You will see that most stages contain octagons.
Behind the stadium looking at the main stage area.
Behind the windmill transition.

Behind the forest transition.

Looking up. Underneath the main stage area.

Peach’s Castle

The entire stage of Peach’s Castle. Complete with waterfall background, and the three paths to the castle in the foreground.

Boundary of the foreground area.

Looking up at Bullet Bill.

Bird’s Eye-view of the castle with bullet bill in the middle.

Far away Bird’s Eye-view.

Underneath a floating platform. Nice lighting and detail, although you will rarely see it in-game.

Behind the castle. The developers didn’t bother to complete the back of Peach’s castle. You’ll see this a lot in other stages.

Kongo Jungle
Kongo Jungle sports the classic waterfall and a rainbow effect. I always wondered what is inside the cabin in the background. It turns out it is empty!

Red Klaptrap crocodile enemy in the rapids.
Kongo Jungle: red klap trap in water in ssbm
Behind the main stage area.


Brinstar far away view.

Entire stage. The stage is inside a cave area.

Monster faces on the blocks in the background.

Hiding alien character.

Side view of alien character.

Behind the main stage.

Under the stage.

Bird’s Eye-view of the main stage.

Far away Bird’s Eye-view.


Far away view.

Behind Great Fox ship. The separate parts of the scenery can be seen here. The left most panel is blank.

Front View. Looks like the Venom stage.

Small jet plane.

High angled view. The buildings are present on the ground below.

The other side of the ship.

Yoshi’s Island

Yoshi’s Island takes place in a room and the stage appears to be hand-made from cardboard and other household items.

The walls of the room can be seen as well as the ‘taped’ string. The main column is also unfinished and the raw cardboard type material is exposed.
almost entire stage of Yoshi's Story: ssbm
Entire stage.

One of the islands in the background.

Another island in the background.

Bird’s Eye-view of the main area. The shy-guys are 2D.

Side view of the main stage. The cardboard and openings for Randall are exposed.


Wide view of the Onett neighbourhood.

Onett Signpost.
Onett sign post hidden secret ssbm
Taxi license plate.

Game building.

Hospital building.


Transparent buildings.

Bird’s Eye-view of main area.

Mute City

Not much here.

Rainbow Cruise
Main ship area.

Wide view.

Full stage view.

Village in background.

Front of cruise ship.

Bird’s-eye view angled. Checker board pattern is present.
cruise ship Rainbow Cruise: ssbm

High Bird’s-eye view. More checker board patterns.

Kongo Jungle

Wide stage view. This stage is super wide. It goes farther but the details of the main begin to disappear.

Far view of main stage.

Cranky Kong inside the cabin.

Klaptrap attacking.

Behind the stage.

Klaptrap at a different angle.

Bird’s eye view of the main area with Klaptrap jumping out of the water.


Home to the Four Giants and a turtle.

The flooring of the inside the building.

Behind main area. Birds can be clearly seen.

The Four Giants wait behind the scenery.

Four Giants catch the evil moon and push it back to the sky.

Hyrule Temple

Behind the stage. Unfinished as usual.

Small building on top of the temple. I’ve never played Zelda so I don’t know what this place is!

Wide view.


Wide view with monster in lava in the background.

Very wide view.

Side view. Three nipples?

Behind the monster.

Hiding under the lava.

Yoshi’s Story

Very wide view.

Lakitu in the background flying around.

Bird’s Eye-view.

Green Greens

Wide view.

Behind the main stage area.

Bird’s Eye-view of main area.


Entire stage view. It looks as if Green Greens is inside a bubble.


Wide view.

Behind the buildings. The UFO is also present this time.

Bird’s Eye-view. Some other buildings in the background.

Mushroom Kingdom

Wide view.

Danger sign at the horizontal extremes of the stage.

Angled bird’s-eye view.


Wide view. This stage is fully rendered. It’s also massive. Interestingly, that light-brown rectangle in the top-right corner is actually a prop. It’s just a huge light-brown rectangle that acts to ‘fill’ the scene.

Other side of the ship.

Behind the ship.
behind the great fox in venom in ssbm stage

Big Blue

Wide view. The blue rectangle is the scene filler type object that was present in a light-brown colour in Venom. The track is loaded piece-by-piece as the vehicles progress forward.

Wide view of up-hill track.

Bird’s-eye view.

Icicle Mountain

Quite interesting. This stage uses two different types of blizzard to create the ‘thick blizzard’ that appears in the main area. You can see the the boundaries of the two different blizzard layers.

Entire top region.

Flat Zone

Wide view.

Flat Zone doesn’t have a back layer. It is just solid black. Interestingly, the Brawl version does have a back layer. The grey rectangle is present in the background for some reason.

Dreamland 64

Entire stage. Strange that the background is a perfect rectangle 2D layer.

Bird’s-eye view.

Yoshi’s Island 64

Entire stage. It’s also a room-like stage with 3 sides.

Congo Jungle

Entire stage.

Bird’s-eye view.

Behind the main area. Hollow tree trunks.


Entire stage. It’s also circular.

Orb at the bottom-center of the stage.

Underneath the main stage. The patterns on the transparent platforms are quite cool looking. You have to view the full-size image to see these details.

Bird’s-eye view. Symmetrical.

Final Destination

Black-hole at the bottom of the stage.

Underneath the main stage. It reminds me of a clock or a wheel of a boat.

Bird’s-eye view. Octagonal like Kanto (Pokemon Stadium).

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