Ice Climbers Freeze Glitch: Soft and Hard

Soft Freeze Glitch

There has been discussion recently regarding the Ice Climbers soft freeze glitch on Ganon’s Up+B recovery attack. The discussion was spurred by this video, where the soft freeze glitch takes place in a .

I call this version of the glitch the Soft Freeze Glitch because the character can be unfrozen by all regular attacks. In opposition, the Hard Freeze Glitch can only be reversed by grabs.

How to perform the Soft Freeze Glitch on Ganon’s Up+B:

  1. Have Ganon connect with Up+B on Nana
  2. Press Side+B to initiate the Squall Hammer attack, as Popo, between frames 2 to 5 of Ganon’s Up+B attack.
  3. Ganon and Nana will now freeze. Most non-grab attacks will end the soft freeze glitch.

Frames 2 to 5 are the initial frames where Ganon hugs/grabs Nana close to his body. Thus, there is a 4 frame window to perform the glitch.


In my tests, the soft freeze glitch could not be performed twice on Ganon’s Up+B attack. In order to perform the soft freeze glitch more than once I had to kill Ganon and wait for him to re-spawn. I don’t know why this happens. It could be because of the specific situations that I tested. It would probably be useful if someone else could verify this result.

Another odd finding is that the glitch doesn’t seem to work with Falcon’s Up+B attack . I am not familiar enough with the mechanics of the game to understand why this might be the case.

This type of freeze glitch can occur with attacks other than Ganon’s Up+B. Below is a list showing where the freeze glitch works and doesn’t work. It is not exhaustive.

The Ice Climbers Side+B attack causes Nana to teleport close to Popo. This effect can also cause the attacking character to teleport as well. For instance, if the freeze glitch is attempted on Falcon’s Falcon Punch, Falcon can sort of teleport a short distance. It looks quite strange but not very interesting. This effect is dependent on Popo’s location, as this is where Nana (and Falcon) will teleport towards.

Soft Freeze Glitch Works With

  • Ganon’s Up+B
  • Every character’s Grab+Jab
  • Some character’s throws
  • All NTSC versions

Soft Freeze Glitch Doesn’t Work With

  • Almost all A-attacks
  • Almost all B-attacks
  • PAL Version

Hard Freeze Glitch

The hard freeze glitch is the oldest version of the glitch. This is done by grabbing the opponent with Nana. It is ‘hard’ because the enemy is frozen and cannot be unfrozen by normal attacks . Only grabs can free the frozen character.

How to perform the Hard Freeze Glitch:

1. Have Nana grab the opponent by desyncing the Ice Climbers:

Method 1: Perform a spot-dodge and hold Z. Popo will enter light-shield and Nana will grab.
Method 2: Grab and Down-throw with Popo and press Z to regrab with Nana after the opponent bounces on the floor.

2. Perform Side+B with Popo when Nana throws the opponent.

Nana’s Forward/Up-throw: Press Side+B as soon as Nana’s hammer collides with the opponent. 4 frame window.

Note: It is possible to freeze glitch Nana’s headbutt, however this is difficult to do because it can only occur on 1 frame. To do this, press Side+B on the first frame where Nana’s first headbutt collides with the opponent. The 2nd headbutt has a 2 frame window.

The Hard Freeze Glitch can be performed on every character that can be grabbed.

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2 comments on “ Ice Climbers Freeze Glitch: Soft and Hard
  1. Mafia says:

    When preforming the hard freeze glitch, the opponent isn’t frozen if nana uses a back or down throw, meaning it only works with up and forward. My assumption is that there are different kinds of mid-grab hitstun. In order for the freeze glitch to work, there needs to be a “hard grab-stun”, meaning they must be held in place by the grab, instead of quickly leaving it. My guess is that is the difference between Ganon’s and Falcon’s up-b. A good example of this difference is Bowser’s back and down throw, where the dthrow puts the grabbed character into a specific animation, while the bthrow quickly releases them.
    Also, could you expand on the freeze glitch being possible to activate on nana’s headbutt? Do you mean her grab pummel?

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