The EASY Way: Sub 1-Second Page Load Times in WordPress

The Secret to Super Fast WebSites

The answer is simple: Google PageSpeed Service (PSS).

Google PageSpeed Service is a beta solution that allows you to get sub 1-second page load times. This service functions as a Content Delivery Network (CDN); essentially it caches all of your resources on Google’s servers and then optimises your HTML, CSS, and javascript. The end result is much faster webpage load times.

You can get all of this without any real technical expertise. And best of all, it is completely free (for the moment).

First, go here to see how much faster PageSpeed Service can make your website: Test PageSpeed Service

PageSpeed Service Performance

As you can see below, my webpage loads very quickly. I’m literally able to load my main page in less than a second. However, it was not always this way. In the beginning, before using PageSpeed Service, I had webpage load times of over 5 seconds.

I also use W3 Total Cache in order to cache locally on my server for added performance; from my experience they do not conflict with each other.

Canada: 650 ms load time

Fast webpage load benchmark performance

VA: 893ms load time

Very fast wordpress page load times performance benchmark

Netherlands: 534ms

Click on the images to get full details on exactly what is happening during the page load!

Go now and sign up ! The instructions are simple. Just do what Google tells you. It is literally a few clicks to get the whole thing working. As always, make sure to make a backup of your WordPress installation just in case you mess something up.

Be sure to try Google’s PageSpeed Service and let me know how much faster it makes your website.

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