Visible ‘Ghost Cloud’ Glitch

Cloud is present in almost every scene that plays out in Final Fantasy VII. Even when you think he is not there, he is! You can take a look at his coordinates to make sure.

The designers of the game decided to place an invisible Cloud in each scene. However, it is not possible to move around because there are two flags that are set; movement and menu is disabled.

But guess what, it looks as though there is a glitch where you see Cloud when you shouldn’t! And this time he doesn’t look as he normally does.

Watch the visible ‘Ghost Cloud’ video above. I slowed the video down otherwise you’ll miss it. You’ll see him after ‘Be strong, C.’ and the Temple room loads.

Check out the Temple of the Ancients TAS video if you want to see the Ghost Cloud at full speed.


At 3:31:01.374 you get to see Ghost Cloud inside the Temple for two frames. After the second frame, Cloud disappears, and Cait Sith makes his way onto the scene. This is a glitch because Cloud should be invisible here, but the invisibility flag was set two frames too late. Cloud’s eyes look quite strange here for some reason too.

Let’s zoom-in on Ghost Cloud:

Strange looking eyes

So, yeah… wtf? These are not mako eyes.

As I have shown in another post, it is easy to verify there is an invisible Cloud in each area by viewing the coordinates (x,y,z) in RAM. As shown below:

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