The Emerald Countdown Timer Glitch – Final Fantasy VII Broken (ファイナルファンタジーⅦ バグ)

Introducing the Emerald Countdown Timer Glitch in Final Fantasy VII…

I found this glitch a pretty long time ago, but decided to share it only at this time. I was trying to find out more about the glitch before I released it publicly; as I thought it could be the key to setting a very fast speed run or TAS record.

Ultimately I did not have the time to fully investigate it. So here it is:

How to Perform the Emerald Countdown Timer Glitch :

1. Change battle config to ‘wait’. (Optional; however this makes it much easier to perform)
2. Find Emerald Weapon on Disc 2 and enter the battle. (Disc 3 almost always crashes, in my experience)

3. Inflict enough damage so that Emerald Weapon is left with a very low amount of HP.
4. Force an in-battle ‘wait’ by placing the cursor on a character, or by entering a menu.
5. Wait until the countdown timer reaches 10 seconds.
6. Deliver the killing blow to Emerald Weapon before the timer reaches 0. The timing is quite liberal. Ideally, Emerald Weapon should turn red (ie. die) when the countdown is at the 8 second mark.

Glitched level-up screen

‘Game-Over’ merges with Level-up screen

Squaresoft screen merges with level-up screen

Opening credits merges with Level-up screen

More graphical glitches

If done correctly, the game will simultaneously enter the ‘Game Over’ screen and the victory/level-up screen. It does this because the timer reached 0; thus an instant game over.

Yet, the game is confused because you also killed Emerald Weapon; therefore it loads the screen whereby the party wins gil and items.

Title screen graphical glitch

Now here comes the fun part! You can navigate to the Title screen (‘new game’ screen) while this glitch-y mess is occurring. If done right, you will be able to start a new game or load from a memory card.

However, once the game has loaded you will find that the game has not loaded properly. The Emerald Countdown Timer Glitch has caused the game to load some incorrect values.

Tip: I recommend that one navigates slowly from the game-over/level-up screen. In other words, wait a while for the gil and level-ups to show up before pressing Circle to progress to the Title Screen. I have found that if you navigate too quickly to the title screen, the game may crash or you may not get all of the effects that I detail below.

Effects of the Emerald Countdown Timer Glitch:

Demi3 limit break

Broken limit breaks in-battle

1. ‘Magic’ Limit Breaks – Cloud’s limit break often gets changed to Demi3 or Comet.

Aeris learns level 3 limit break after one battle

2. ‘Quick’ Limit Breaks – Characters without magic limit breaks often gain their next level at an increased rate. In this example, Aeris gained her LEVEL 1.2 and 3.1 limit break after simply defeating one enemy. Oddly, LEVEL 2 was skipped entirely here.

Aeris high starting stats

High starting stats

3. Increased Stats – Character’s starting stats are high. Here we can see Barret’s STR is 64 despite only just beginning the game. Similarly, Aeris’ stats are incredibly high.

Code: 38 error in-battle

Cloud vs Sephiroth glitched

4. Instant ‘Escape’ / Code: 38 The game is now glitched so that, if a character which has a magic limit break is in the active party , battle scenes will not play out. Instead of playing a regular battle, the game alerts the user to press L1 + R1 + Select to escape the battle. This essentially acts as an ultimate ‘one hit kill’, allowing one to beat any enemy or boss.

*The “code: 38” error can be fixed by saving to memory card and hard-resetting!
This means you can play through the battles with increased stats!
Thanks to Yojimbo_Beta for this information.


1. The game may crash if the emerald countdown timer glitch is performed on disc 3.
2. The game crashes if the repeating-boss-battle glitch is used in a Code: 38 glitched battle.
3. The game sometimes crashes if the emerald countdown timer glitch is performed with very high character stats.

Jessie runs forever into a door

4. Jessie sometimes runs into the door in an infinite loop. This prevents the game from progressing any further.

Please experiment with the emerald countdown timer glitch and report any other effects back here! Especially if you can test it on a Playstation console!

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