FF7 TAS: Cosmo Canyon + Cave of the Gi

Cosmo Canyon in 14 min and 14 s

I improved upon my original Cosmo Canyon segment. I managed to save almost 2 seconds. The biggest time saving came from fixing a mistake when choosing a party. I also optimised the walking in the Stingers’ web area.

The web area is annoying, and I ended up testing 3 different random encounter patterns in order to find the fastest route. Check out the random encounter route below:

Cosmo Canyon random encounter route. Y-axis = Danger Counter, X-axis = Steps

This graph was generated by Random Encounter Calculator.

The red line represents Cloud’s steps. The white lines are all of the random encounters in this area. You can see I use the Menu Glitch to avoid random encounters, because the red line doesn’t drop to 0 after I hit a white line (encounter). You can see at the right side of the graph that I do enter into a random encounter because the red line drops to 0 after hitting a white line. Bosses are not shown on this graph.

I had to accept a battle before Gi Nattack due to the repeating boss glitch CRASH that always occurs because of the Emerald Countdown Glitch . The Stingers are considered forced encounters, so again, I had to modify the random encounter route to compensate.

In the end, I managed to get through this area with only one random encounter, and of course the Gi Nattak forced boss battle.

For full details on how to perform the tricks and glitches in Cosmo Canyon, please see the FF7 TAS Guide . It will be updated at some point ;P

Enters Cosmo Canyon at 2:40:24.266

Exits Cosmo Canyon at 2:54.38.91

Next stop: Nibelheim + Mt. Nibel

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