FF7 TAS: Nibelheim + Mt. Nibel

Nibelheim + Mt. Nibel in 1 min 39.175 s

The Nibelheim segment is very short. There is not much to say. Obviously the powersoul pipe is avoided since it is not needed in this speed run.

However, a new stuttering record has been set here! A huge 210 consecutive stutters! If you don’t know what stuttering is, please see the section on avoiding random encounters .

Nibelheim random encounter pattern

Essentially I stutter through the entire field of Mt Nibel and all of the way up the rope bridge. I wonder if this stuttering record will be broken in the future :P.

As you can see from the random encounter graph, I don’t get any random encounters in this segment. I only have to battle Materia Keeper. This brings the total number of battles in the entire run to 35.

Materia Keeper

The boss set up in this field is quite unique in that one has to press the Circle button to initiate the battle. I tried several things such as getting a random encounter and entering the menu on the same frame as pressing Circle, however I was not able to skip Materia Keeper.

Enters Nibelheim at 2:54:59.286

Exits Mt Nibel at 2:56:38.461


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