FFVII Super Dunk Basketball Mini-Game Guide

I always wanted to make a very long video… And so I did! Introducing the FF7 Super Dunk endurance challenge!
The Super Dunk mini-game, in Final Fantasy VII, is the basketball game located in Gold Saucer.

I did not play the Super Dunk mini-game manually, as that would have taken too long. Instead, I wrote a script/bot that would play the game for me over and over again. The maximum amount of GP is 10,000 so I stop once this goal has been reached.

10,000 GP in 02: 11: 20.680

The reason for making this video was just to see how long it would take to go from 0 GP to 10,000 GP by playing the Super Dunk basketball mini-game with zero misses. It would be faster to miss the last few shots to end the game faster, but I wasn’t interested in missing any.

I finally got the answer: 2 hours 11 minutes and 20.680 seconds

What is Super Dunk?

The aim of the game is to throw the basketball into the net. To do this, the player must hold Circle until the desired amount of power is transferred to the ball. Too much or too little power and the ball will miss the net.

The Super Dunk mini-game costs 200 gill to play and can reward the player with up to 300 GP in one full session.

Super Dunk Tips and Tricks

To always score a basket, the player must hold circle for 13 to 14 frames. Releasing on the 13th frame will score a ‘swish’, and releasing on the 14th frame will score after hitting the backboard. So, there is only a two frame window in which to score.

frame 12

frame 13

There is no visual difference between frame 12 and the scoring frames of 13/14.

Playing the ‘Double Chance’

The timing doesn’t change on the ‘Double Chance’ bonus rounds. However, in my tests it was not possible to score a ‘swish’. In this case, frames 13 to 14 result in a backboard hitting basket. Ultimately there are no tricks to winning, just learn the timing.

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2 comments on “ FFVII Super Dunk Basketball Mini-Game Guide
  1. MechE_ says:

    Any chance you’d share the bot you used to make this video? I’ve been trying to find the appropriate code to make a script/bot of my own, but so far I’ve turned up little. Note: I am NOT a computer programmer by trade, I just dabble in it from time to time.

    • antd says:


      Here is my script:

      while true do
      gui.text(250,1,"GP: " .. memory.readdword(0x0009D3D2) )
      gui.text(2,1,"Gil: " .. memory.readdword(0x0009D260) )
      gui.text(185,1,"Prize: " .. memory.readword(0x00075E25) )
      if memory.readbyte(0x00075E3F) < 13 then joypad.set(1, { ["circle"] = true }); elseif memory.readbyte(0x00075E3F) == 14 then joypad.set(1, { ["circle"] = false }); elseif memory.readbyte(0x00075E3F) == 13 then joypad.set(1, { ["l2"] = true }); pcsx.frameadvance(); pcsx.frameadvance(); joypad.set(1, { ["l2"] = false }); end end

      This is in lua scripting language.

      To run it, you'll need to use this PCSX-rr emulator .

      There's one hack-y thing you need to do before running this script. You'll need to change L2 button to Circle in FF7 in-game button config. (Circle should also be Circle). It just needs two 'Circles'. Don't ask why 😛 It won't run properly otherwise.

      Put the script in a text file named .lua
      Then press ctrl+L to load and run the script in the emulator.

      (Make sure you are at the Super Dunk game when running the script, otherwise who knows what will happen :P)

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