Pause Glitch: Slow Down the Timer

I found this glitch a long time ago but didn’t bother to make a video showing it. Here it is:

The Pause Glitch in Final Fantasy VII is one of the easiest glitches to perform. It involves pressing the start button repeatedly to slow down the game timer.

It seems that each ‘Pause’ in battle can save between 0.033 to 0.100 seconds!
However, I have not discovered what causes this wide range. It may have something to do with the different kinds of animations in battle.

How To Perform the Pause Glitch

1. Press Start in-battle.
2. Press Start again.
3. Repeat.

The Pause Glitch in action

Potential Uses of the Pause Glitch

i) Slowing down the timer : Where time is key, the pause glitch has the ability to slow down the in-game timer; perhaps a feature useful in a speed run.

ii) ATB and Other Manipulation : Rapid pausing slows some internal game values. With this in mind, one can slow the enemy’s ATB while allowing the party’s to fill at a normal rate. In essence, this is similar to casting ‘Slow’.

iii) RNG Manipulation : The games randomness is determined by an RNG. The pause glitch does not slow down the RNG values. However, coupled with ATB manipulation, one can abuse the glitch to gain the desired RNG outcome. This is most useful in a tool-assisted speed run (TAS).

Pause Glitch Effectiveness

Perfect Pause Glitch = 28.726 seconds (42.539 seconds faster)
Human Pause Glitch = 52.420 seconds (18.845 seconds faster)
No Pause Glitch = 1 minute 11.265 seconds

Here are my results demonstrating the effectiveness of the pause glitch at slowing down the timer in-battle.

‘Perfect’ pause glitch is exactly how it sounds, it is pressing the start button as fast as the game allows.

‘Human’ is what I personally achieved by rapidly pressing the start button; this depends highly on the dexterity of the player. I am not particularly fast here, so there is room for improvement.

As you can see, I saved almost 19 seconds using the pause glitch (even though I wasn’t very good at doing it!).

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