Bioshock Infinite: Is Anna in the crib or not? *SOLVED*


In the ending of Bioshock Infinite I continued to ask myself if Anna is in the crib or not.The post-credits scene depicts Dewitt saying “Anna, is that you?” and then opening the room to a supposed baby Anna laying in her crib.

In order to end my pondering I decided to make a teleport/walk-through-walls hack so I could just walk into the room myself and see if Anna is actually there or not.

You can see below if Anna is in the crib or not during the post-credits scene:

Post-credits scene: Anna is not there

As you can see Anna is not in her crib. This may suggest that the Dewitt/Comstock loop is not over. Bioshock Infinite 2 anyone? 😛

Here’s what happens if I teleport to this room before the post-credits scene:

Early scene: Anna in crib

Here you can see that my teleport/walk-through-walls hack does nothing weird with textures/models. In this scene, baby Anna should be in her crib. And as expected, she is there.

Notice that the baby is not moving because I’m not supposed to be in that room yet (I didn’t open the door, which triggers the baby’s animation).

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6 comments on “ Bioshock Infinite: Is Anna in the crib or not? *SOLVED*
  1. Xezat says:

    The baby is Elizabeth, not Anna. Anna was the wife of Booker and the biological mother of Elizabeth.

    She dies giving birth to Elizabeth.

    • Ashley says:

      The baby IS Anna. You can hear Booker calling her by name during the ending.

    • Wulibo says:

      No, Anna was Booker’s daughter’s name, Comstock renamed her Elizabeth, since he never knew her as Anna.

  2. dan says:

    this doesnt truly prove anything because the game would have no need to put achually put anna in the crib or not because your not supposed to be able to look inside.

  3. Shivers1029 says:

    A agree with dan that they wouldn’t render the baby in as you aren’t supposed to be able to see inside, but I want to throw something into the mix. Why would there be a crib if there is no child? What would Booker need with an empty crib with no child?

    • Tanner says:

      Shivers, this scene could of started right when booker sold the baby to that guy, that could be it or yeah the baby is supposed to be in the crib. I hope the baby was in the crib haha.

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