Zenith 2012 Tournament Videos

This post will list the matches from the Zenith 2012 Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament livestream.

The streamer of Zenith 2012 said that he will upload the matches after the tournament is over. However, some people may wish to watch the matches before this date. So, I’ve decided to upload a list of the matches from the tournament to this post.

Livestream matches that can be found on this youtube channel will be added to this post. Leave a comment if you find any other youtube links, on different accounts, that may have been missed. I’ve only found one channel that has Zenith 2012 videos so far. So let me know if you find any others.

Instead of creating a new post for each day of Zenith 2012, I will simply update this post each time I find a new match video on youtube.


Scroll down slowly to avoid spoilers!


Zenith 2012 Videos – Day 1: Melee Doubles


Green Ranger (Donkey Kong) + Phish It (Donkey Kong) vs B33n + Sensei


Winners Bracket:

Cactuar + DoH vs Alukard + DJ Nintendo


Losers Bracket:

Dionis + BenTeezy vs Alukard + DJ Nintendo


Winners Semi Finals:

Hungrybox + Hax vs Dr.PP + Yayuhzz
Cactuar + DoH vs Mew2King + Jman


Losers Quarter Finals:

Cactuar+DoH vs PC Chris + OTG


Winners Finals

Mew2King + Jman vs Dr.PP + Yayuhzz


Losers Finals

Dr.PP + Yayuhzz vs Hax + Hungrybox


Grand Finals

Dr.PP + Yayuhzz vs Mew2King + Jman


Zenith 2012 Videos – Day 1: Melee Singles Pools


Chu Dat (IC) vs Velocity (Dr. Mario)

DJ Nintendo (Fox) vs Vudujin (Luigi)

Hungrybox (Jigglypuff) vs Redd (Fox)

Lambchops (Falco) vs Yayuhzz (Fox)


Zenith 2012 Videos – Day 2: Melee Singles


Winners Bracket

Dr. PeePee (Falco) vs StriCNYN3 (Falco)

Lambchops (Falco) vs Chu Dat (IC)

Mew2King (Sheik) vs Hax (Falcon)

Dr. PeePee (Falco) vs PC Chris (Fox)

Jman (Fox) vs Chu Dat (IC)


Winners Semi Finals

Mew2King (Fox) vs Dr. PeePee (Falco)

Hungrybox (Jigglypuff) vs Chu Dat (IC)


Winners Finals

Mew2King (Marth) vs Chu Dat (IC)


Losers Semi Finals

Hungrybox (Jigglypuff) vs Dr. PeePee (Falco)


Losers Finals

Chu Dat (IC) vs Dr. PeePee (Falco)


Zenith 2012 Grand Finals

Mew2King (Sheik) vs Dr. PeePee (Falco)


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