SSBM TAS: C.Falcon + Jigglypuff vs CPUs


Here comes a Melee TAS team vs two level-9s; this is essentially a zero-death combo video. After making this, I found the combos are quite difficult to see properly as they are so fast. Due to this I decided to add the slow-motion version to the end; it’s useful for seeing some of the 5-frame canceled attacks.

It took quite a long time to TAS this, even though the battle lasts only 35 seconds. The zero-death combos are quite intricate and very frame dependent.

The very last combo is:
Double Rest > Double D-Air > Double Rest.

This video of course features the animation cancel hack which was first seen in the Melee Impossible combo video.

Captain Falcon and Jigglypuff results screen in SSBM. This games winner is Green Team!

end screen: 26% damage inflicted per second

Meanwhile I’m going back and forth whether to release a long combo video again, like Melee Impossible, or release individual combos as I usually do. The problem with making a long combo video is it takes several months to produce enough footage. Hmm…

Maybe I’ll release the combos that didn’t make the cut for Melee Impossible someday too. Or I may release them on twitter or something as unlisted.

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