Ice Climbers: Power of the Desync

Video: Power of the Desync

I made this video to demonstrate an extremely desync’d Nana in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Most of what you see is impossible to perform normally. These are not ‘genuine’ Ice Climbers. The video is just for entertainment purposes and not to show genuine Ice Climbers desync potential.

Techniques such as having Nana stay on the ledge, different shield intensities, and controlling her from far away are some examples of difficult or impossible manoeuvres.

The video was initially a way for me to learn more about the hit mechanics when one character is thrown into another. I noticed that strange things sometimes happen.

phantom hit from falco's down tilt on nana holding onto the ledge in dreamland 64 stage.

Falco delivers a phantom hit to Nana

fox interupts falco's forward smash due to nana throwing him toward Popo

Nana throws Fox at Falco and stops his forward-smash

fox frozen in an ice climber's ice block projectile on dreamland 64 in super smash bros. melee

Fox is frozen in the ice-block

Falco shakes when hit into fox by Nana in super smash bros melee

Animation: Falco shakes as he is thrown into Fox

The last image shows how Falco shakes when he is thrown into Popo-Fox. Click on the image to see the animation loop. I don’t know if this is normal. It just looks odd here.


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2 comments on “Ice Climbers: Power of the Desync
  1. keatsta says:

    When you say these aren’t genuine Ice Climbers, what do you mean by that? Some people are saying that you are just using two characters entirely, is that true?

    • antd says:

      Yes, nana is controlled separately. It’s essentially a team battle.
      I wanted to see if anyone would figure this out. It’s fun to look at the match as legit Ice Climbers. But of course most of it is impossible. I’ll update the video description to make it clearer.

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