Friendly Fire Team Combo: Captain Falcon + Young Link

I show how interruptions or ‘friendly fire’ can be used to eliminate attack lag.

  • Y.Link Nair’s Falcon out of a Falcon Punch.
  • Y.Link boomerang’s Falcon out of a Falcon Dive.
  • Y.Link Fair’s Falcon out of a Falcon Punch.

Also note that Falcon Smash-DI’s the boomerang in order to land on the platform.

I was having a lot of trouble recording this SSBM team combo. For some reason it kept desyncing in the emulator. I gave up yesterday and recorded a similar team combo featuring Captain Falcon and Young Link; which did sync properly.

Anyway, I finally got this team combo to sync when recording.

Team Combo Attack Sequence:

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2 comments on “Friendly Fire Team Combo: Captain Falcon + Young Link
  1. Captain says:

    Dude, the second and fourth images are clearly Falcon’s N-air.
    In 64, it was his F-air, so that may be where the confusion lies.
    It may also stem from the fact nobody refers to Melee Falcon’s actual F-air as that anymore, choosing to label it the KNEE, as you have done.

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