1 Player Melee: A Different Perspective

This post contains 1 player and adventure mode stages using a hacked camera in Super Smash Bros. Melee. You’ll need to view the full-size images in order to see the stage details.

Mushroom Kingdom

Full stage view of Mushroom Kingdom: ssbm adventure mode



Full entire stage view of Hyrule: dungeon in ssbm adventure mode



Full entire stage view of Brinstar: ssbm adventure mode


Race to the Finish

Full stage view of Race to the finish: ssbm


Trophy Collect

Full View

trophy stage full view in ssbm

Bird’s-eye View

Trophy Stage ssbm birds eye view camera


Home-run Contest

Spectator’s view

hacked camera home-run contest in ssbm

Bird’s-eye View

Home-run Contest: birds eye view in 1 player mode in ssbm

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